I like to call my emails to other continents “seamail.” I cannot imagine trying to plan a trip across the sea in the days before email.  I know it was a phone call which is easy but it was constrained by time zones, schedules and costs. I’m pretty sure there have been at least 30 emails back and forth in the last month alone to coordinate schedules for the upcoming visit to Africa in June. There is an 8 hour time difference. My day starts when their day is ending. My day ends when their day is starting.  With email it feels like there is no time difference as we message back and forth. We don’t have to coordinate a time to talk. I’m so thankful for this mode of communication.

Our schedule is set for June’s trip. Now we wait for our visas to be issued. I cannot post the exact dates and details due to safety precautions both for my team and those I’m visiting. Your prayers are coveted for the visa approvals and safety for all. Pray for safety on a regular basis for those missionaries and others around the world who live in areas hostile to God’s Word in way that we can’t comprehend here in the US. Pray for courage and confidence in their daily lives! Pray for my team that we go with peaceful hearts and that our families at home feel the same.