It’s a GO

Our visas for Mali arrived a couple of weeks ago. Airline tickets have been purchased! Supplies are being acquired. And the best news – SIX, yes, SIX, missionary families will be personally visited by our team of 2 in the time we are there! This is what encourages my heart! To see God multiply the number of those we can visit and encourage is confirmation of His calling in this ministry.

I recently attended a wholistic missions conference where I had several prayers answered over the course of those few days. I met someone who experienced the growing pains of a new ministry. She answered my questions so graciously and was empathetic to the process of founding and leading a mission ministry. I made some contacts on the fund raising front who I can receive training and guidance from moving forward. One of the big prayers for this ministry, as for many, is funding. The trips cost money obviously both for the travel expenses and the supplies we take with us. To have regular donors sending in support will ensure the ability to plan future trips as well as take this ministry to the next level of having staff and a regular team of people to go on visits. Another prayer has been social media and visibility of Encouragement Expeditions. I learned some helpful tips and hope that over the course of the next few months to implement some new ideas, including this blog becoming more of a blog within a functioning website.

Thank you to those who support us! Please continue to pray for our upcoming Mali trip, those we will be ministering to while there and the future of the ministry! I was reminded in something I read yesterday that God planned this ministry and it is all His. I’m just along for the ride to be used by Him!