larisaIn 2010 I met the amazing Larisa Craig as our high school students were preparing to go to southwestern Nevada to serve local churches by holding week long vacation Bible schools. (Yes, school in summer! But fun learning, not math or grammar!) Larisa works with and is supported by an entire host of churches spanning hundreds of miles in western Nevada and eastern California. She is continuously on the road traveling from church to church throughout the year helping them with their weekly kids and teens programs. I’m pretty sure if you say her name anywhere in that region, the person will know of her and her legendary status.

I have the honor in December to join Larisa in her daily work for a week as she journeys across the state. I will be assisting her in birthday parties for Jesus every day. I know. I know. Somebody has to sacrifice eating that much birthday cake in a week. Seriously, I’m excited to be there to help Larisa and be an encouragement along the way.

The mission of Encouragement Expeditions is to encourage those working on the mission field around the world. Those in ministry in the US are often overlooked. They aren’t recognized because their work doesn’t take them across the ocean. They face the same challenges of isolation, spiritual warfare and financial support as those serving internationally. I’m happy to encourage those stateside and help bring awareness to their work so that you can remember to pray and support them as well!

You can support this trip two ways. First and foremost, Encouragement Expeditions needs your prayers. Pray for the trip, for Larisa and for those churches and lives she impacts daily for the Lord! Pray that I always seek God’s direction for every step forward and every encouragement visit planned. Second, please consider making a financial donation to Encouragement Expeditions. Any amount is sincerely appreciated. Without financial donations the ministry cannot execute the trips. I am so thankful for the monthly donors who support this ministry. Though it may seem they make small donations dollar wise, kingdom wise they are huge! And remember, December 31st is your last opportunity for charitable tax credit donations for the 2016 tax year.