Parties Every Day

I hit the ground running when I arrived in Nevada. Birthday party for Jesus in Amargosa on Friday night. Saturday we held one in Beatty. Sunday was June Lake, Ca. Monday was Topaz Ranch Estates. Tuesday the party was in Independence. Wednesday we went back to Nevada to Round Mountain and Manhattan. Whew. Kids of all ages, cupcakes of all kinds, games like “Have you seen my reindeer?”, Christmas stories and boxes and boxes of gifts sums up those six parties in six days. Yesterday we spent five hours on the road back to Vegas so I could fly home today.

Sitting here in the airport I’m suddenly sleepy. Tired. And thinking of Larisa and those communities she will go to for more parties starting again on Sunday. Yep. She’s got more! More games, stories, songs, cupcakes and gifts to give. And though she has a couple of days off, those days still involve many hours and miles of driving to the places she’s going to visit family. 

I will write a longer recap soon. Until then please pray for those children we spent time with this past week. For some of them the gifts we gave will be all they receive for Christmas. Many of their parents work on Christmas so the parties were their only celebration of Christmas and opening gifts. Pray for their families. Pray for the children and teens Larisa will see next week, too. In what seem like such small gestures in a party are really a big deal. The most important thing shared, though, is the love of God and the gift of Salvation through His Son Jesus. Pray they hear this good news and accept this best gift. 
Until I share more, thank you for your support of this ministry and me! I appreciate you all!


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